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China TrueSci is a reliable manufacturer and first class product developer specialized in the field of slip rings / rotary joints. We focus on the designing and production of high quality and complicated slip rings for both military and civil purposes. 

With ISO9001 quality management certification and Weapon Equipment Quality Management System Certification, we pay high attention to the stable quality and reliability of our slip rings. We belong to the Third-Class Military Industrial Confidentiality Qualified Corporation.

For more than 20 years, we have proudly supplied a large library of designs of slip rings in various configurations for various applications from miniature slip rings to large scale slip rings. Our quality slip rings have been widely used in radars, military weapons, aerospace equipments, aircrafts, ships, engineering machinery, wind power generators, oil-drilling, security monitors, and etc.

As a confident manufacturer of slip rings with strong R&D team and rich manufacturing experience, we warmly welcome complicated and sophisticated projects of slip rings that are required to work under tough environment, such as armored vehicle turrets, submarine periscopes, high pressure, fast speed, aircraft electro-optical systems, satellites, and etc.

Please feel free to contact us for high quality service and reliable products of slip rings. We treasure the opportunity to be your best supplier of slip rings. We aim to meet your unique demand of slip rings with high efficiency and competitive price.


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  Recommendation product video:
Deep water Slip Rings

Our this product is widely used to transmit signals and power for two counter rotary or free float platforms. The maximum depth reaches down to 2000 Meters under water. Please refer to the video for more details.

We China TrueSci put our customers first and we pay top attention to quality of the slip rings manufactured and designed by us. We manufacturer and deliver reliable slip ring products with competitive pricing, superb technical support, and short lead times through our capable R&D team and efficient manufacturing processes. Not only do we provide the slip rings that meet your special specifications, we offer value-added services to provide you with exactly what is needed quickly and cost-effectively. We offer the best products in the industry of slip rings accurately and we aim long term business relationship with our customers worldwide.

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